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Tarpon Fishing in Florida Keys

17/07/2013 13:55
One way to spend the best summer and enjoy the heat of the sun is in Florida Keys tarpon fishing....

Tarpon Fishing in Florida Keys

17/07/2013 13:55

One way to spend the best summer and enjoy the heat of the sun is in Florida Keys tarpon fishing. The summer time can be an incredible time for Tarpon fishing.

The keys of Florida are basically a chain of islands in the tropics spreading little over 100 miles and joining the south side of Florida to Key West that is about 90 miles from Cuban shore. This is the most distinct and properly managed sport fishing place in the tropics along with few other areas in the world.

The tranquil Florida Bay, known as the "Backcountry", is home to REDFISH, BONEFISH, SEA TROUT, PERMIT and the mighty SILVER KING TARPON. These are just a few of the 225 species of game fish that prowl the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys.

Tarpons are one of the most magnificent fishes on the waters of Florida Keys. Many people go to Florida Keys to experience the massive run of Tarpon in this place. Although Tarpons can be found and caught the whole year round, there are still the best times to catch them.

Tarpon season is truly been remarkable around this area as these giant fish make their annual passage run throughout the Florida Keys. Tarpons are found in many places in Florida Keys. There are local fish that stay all year round, while many of the migratory ones show up in the spring and through the summer. This consists of land locked tarpons in the lakes of golf courses, ponds, drainage ditches, rock pits and drainage ditches to the large tarpon in migration. They are found mostly in the tidal bays, the rivers and the waters of  the Atlantic and Gulf along with the Keys and Everglades. The peak tarpon fishing months in the Florida Keys are May and June. These are the best times where you can test your angling skills against the sailfish and marlin.

Summer time is also well known for baby tarpons. Schools of baby tarpons invade the flats at first sight, rolling and eating anything that swims in their path. During the winter months, it is not the best time to do Florida Keys tarpon fishing. Though there are exemptions in some locations. If you get 3 to 4 days having a good and nice weather, tarpon fishing can actually still be good.

Big boats, big tackle, and big fish make a trip out on the Gulfstream an adventure that will last a lifetime in tarpon fishing Florida Keys has. You can also bring your boat on down or reserve for a charter. Charter boats and guides are available to introduce you and guide you through the whole trip of tarpon fishing Florida Keys has. You will also feel the whole experience and the fishing area is much part of the excitement as catching. You can go fly fishing for tarpon. Catching tarpon on fly is the easiest way to catch tarpon rather than the bonefish and the permit. Tarpons are eager eaters so you will be amazed that they eat anything, even if it is a small species of fish. The longer time you will spend catching tarpons, there is a bigger chance that you can caught a big one.